Projects URL Last update Language Description
Compozit Computer Architecture Virtual Machine
English | Russian 2012 C++ A model for secure computer architecture is proposed. The security is provided by protecting values of types and references throughout the machine instructions, operating system, and applications. The protection is achived by means of checking up ranges and access rights for types and references. The implementation of this architecture is made through the development of virtual machine running on top of the existing operating system.
A Resource Tracer
English | Russian 2014 C, C++ This Crossplatform tool intended to trace software errors in runtime during resource manipulation. User can describe abstract resources and their functions in XML. Due to separation of tracing engine from resources description, it's possible to describe vast classes of resources without changing the analyzer core. Detected errors often have an influence on security, safety, robustness and resource optimal usage.
Squid Log Splitter English | Russian 2017 C This small tools splits squid log file into two squid log files. Split criteria is a list of networks loaded from file. IP addresses that is in the list, go in one squid log file, rest of IPs go into another.
onlinebackup tarballs 2017 Shell Number of server and client-side shell scripts made for one-click recurrent backups at remote untrusted sites via Internet. Remote storage encrypted with AES. Communication via Internet is encrypted with SSH/WebDAV.
easy-backup private repository 2017 Bash Fast, incremental, versioned, verified single-command backup system. Target backup storage virtually anything (SSH/WebDAV/generic FS). Stackable with onlinebackup system.
Idiot private repository 2015 Java IRC robot that attempts to speak and quotes phrases from Dawn House movie. Made upon request for friend. Lives #DawnHouse,#Java@Rusnet IRC Network.
upack github 2018 Bash4 Unipackage (aka upack) goal to unify common actions (install, remove, update/upgrade) for OS package systems in one command. Supported OS/Distros: Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Dyson, Manjaro, AltLinux, FreeBSD, openSUSE, Solaris
AXE private repository 2018 Ada, C, C++ Server runs OS: Linux
Server runs arch: amd64
Client runs OS: Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD
Client runs arch: i386, amd64, mips

Libraries URL Last update Language Description
libcloader English | Russian 2017 C Portable simple configuration file loader.
libcoin_flipping Russian 2004 C Portable secure coin flipping cryptographic protocol library.
libltgen private repository 2003 C, C++ Portable inhouse POSIX library for C/C++ with coroutines like strings and files manipulation.
libvglog private repository 2014 C UNIX logging library. Supports console, file, syslog output. Tested on Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD.
libltirc private repository 2006 C++ Portable IRC library with sample IRC bot Bajanist.
libltnet private repository 2013 C Portable network library. API for client and server.
libpssc private repository 2005 Ada, C++ Portable probabilistic stream cryptosystem library.

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