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Branch Release date License Tests Supported until Notes
ART-0.6 ca. 2001 EULA n/a 2001 Source code has been lost in the 2005. Also known as AMT: A Memory Tracer. No artlibgen, instrumented code implemented by hands. TCP/IP-enabled artrepgen in Ada.
ART-0.7 ca. 2002 EULA n/a 2005 Source code has been lost in the 2005. artlibgen implemented in C++. TCP/IP-enabled artrepgen in Ada with DBMS support.
ART-0.8 01 Jun 2010 GPLv2 11 2012 Jan EOL.
ART-0.9 26 Dec 2011 GPLv3 19 2012 Jul Critical bug fixes. Errata list maintained.
ART-0.A 01 Jun 2012 BSD 20 2021 Bug fixes.

Release no longer supported
Limited support
Release still supported