Description Priority Responsible Status Updated Comment
A method to override functions in source code that overrides only function names. Current method (using standtard preprocessor) overrides function, variables, structure fields names. So it takes unacceptable energies to manual rename that variables and structure fields names to new names that doesn't affected by preprocessor. 1   Not started    
Program/script that analyzes target source tree to find all used functions. Function classification: system (C API, POSIX API, ...) and user-level (for example, apr_pool_initialize() from Apache Portability Runtime library). Tool needs to check if ART supports API used by target application. 3   Not started    
Creation of mechanism that blocks calls to original functions from everywhere but art.o (needed when preprocessor missed function replacing for some reason). 2   Not started    
QEMU (VirtualBox or similar) modification to redirect trace events from emulated environment (OS kernel) to host system for futher link with ART report generator. Redirect types: file, socket. 2   Not started